Easy Recipe For Dog Skunk Smell Bath – Skunk-a-palooza 2013!

Okay children, apparently a night of fun always has a consequence.

On a mild summer day, the opportunity to go to my FIRST ever CMA Fest night in Nashville, Tennessee presented itself. So thrilled when friend Sarah Solsvig saw my Facebook plea for a ticket for my son and offered. Son already taken care of, “well, I’ll take those tickets please!” So, off I went with my cute date, Tennessean columnist and blogger Angela Fox.

Having lived in and around Nashville for decades, it was time to see what all the fuss was about and support this huge festival of fun. We found a great night of music with Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson, Florida Georgia Line, Lenny Kravitz!, Dierks Bentley and the cast of Duck Dynasty. With hubbs working for the town’s top adult contemporary station and telling me repeatedly no one listens to country music – ha! –  it figures this was my first time and I loved it. Living in Music City rocks!

Arriving home at 1:45 in the morning, our sweet beagle, Bailey (Princess Bailey Matilda to us commoners) woke up on our screen porch and hit the yard. Immediately, she trapped a skunk under the porch luckily using her bark instead of teeth to engage the scared skunk.

Hubbs gone and home alone I was shocked when I called our local Sheriff’s Department for advice and reached the dispatcher with an English accent. Well, this is going to work out just fine,  I think to my totally panicked self. They are my people!

“Sorry love, you’re out of luck. We don’t do wildlife.”  What?! Branson or Lord Grantham would have never said this to Lady Mary. So hours, seriously hours later, a thunderstorm broke up the party leaving me with a tragically stinky beagle. I took to Google and ultimately The Facebook for expert advice on this skunk-a-palooza I was living through.

If you are old enough to have seen a Partridge Family episode (or rerun) of the family singing from an operating room after being sprayed by a skunk, you’ll understand why many a person recommended a tomato juice bath.

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 8.33.02 AM

A tomato juice bath didn’t solve the problems of the stinky Patridge family and it wouldn’t work for Princess Bailey Matilda either.

Ultimately, this only masks the smell and doesn’t take care of the actual problem. So here are my tips, and, if you have pulled up this blog for help, be sure you treat as quickly as possible. Check immediately for any scratches or wounds which need to be addressed by your vet.

Here is the formula used for her bath which is credited to Paul Krebaum as the developer of the antidote!  Find a good outdoor spot and get to it.


-Rubber Gloves, long sleeve clothes for yourself. You don’t want this to get on your skin.

-Puralube dog eye drops or mineral oil appropriate for eye use.

-1 quart hydrogen peroxide

-1/4 cup baking soda

-1 to 2 teaspoons of liquid soap

  1. Find a good outdoor area and dress in old, long sleeve shirt/pants and rubber gloves. If you have a teenage boy on hand, force him to help you.
  2. Mix formula in a plastic bucket.
  3. Coat dog’s eyes with drops as a preventive measure in case of splashes. This worked well for us.
  4. Apply mixture to your dog using your hand or disposable wash clothe or sponge. You do not wet your dog beforehand. Be careful to stay away from eyes and sensitive areas. Massage into the dog’s coat.
  5. Allow the formula to work for five minutes while carefully restraining your dog from licking. Then rinse with warm water.

We were able to do only one application. You’ll need to reapply on bigger dogs and be sure you keep the solution in an open bucket and dispose immediately. Have treats handy for your dog and perhaps a grande class of wine for yourself. It’s very traumatic for everybody!

Being seriously cute will not protect your pup from being sprayed by a skunk!

Being seriously cute will not protect your pup from being sprayed by a skunk!

Well, now I'm just posting cute pics of Bailey & kiddos.  Can you blame me?

Well, now I’m just posting cute pics of Bailey & kiddos. Can you blame me?


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