Packing Tips For Ireland Travel

After taking our first steps in planning our Ireland trip, I was obsessed over smart packing for a European trip.

With our goal to celebrate son’s 21st birthday in The Ireland, we scheduled our trip for the end of May and the beginning of June. This turned out to be SO brilliant. It’s like we snuck into the country before the big season yet the weather was perfection. Try traveling the end of May if at all possible.

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What To Pack For An Ireland Trip?

So what to pack? I enjoyed reading this  Fodor’s forum on what to wear and found the “don’t wear jeans or shirts with names” silly. We didn’t bring a ton of logo wear but jeans were a must. I really appreciated this young couple’s blog on Ireland travel & prep too.

Waterproof Shoes & Coat Mandatory!

My foundation was to make sure we had waterproof shoes and good rain wear for sudden rain showers – layering is essential. Hubs, son and I all found comfortable, waterproof Merrells which turned out great for hiking and broke them in one week prior. Daughter Maggie refused on the grounds it insulted her fashion sense and stubbornly brought flipflops, flats & tennis shoes. We all survived especially me post double knee meniscus surgeries.

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At the Kilmainham Gaol jail in Dublin, we used our iPhone panoramic setting to capture this pic in our waterproof jackets (better than water resistant).

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Great rainwear was purchased for us all and found a tri-use North Face jacket for my son – on sale! Yes, when you look at our pics you’ll notice the color spectrum was on purpose for cuter pics!

Searching for the ultimate suitcase for years led me to Briggs & Riley – seen here on Amazon. I purchased four, 20” carry-on expandables. Guaranteed for life, yes, we took a 10-day trip with four carry-on bags! We checked a small fifth bag for contact solutions, shampoos, razors and items over TSA regs. The items would be inconvenient if lost but not a disaster.

Rolling clothes and packing in vacuum bags totally worked as well. Here was our list:

10-Day Ireland Trip Packing List

Wear on plane, jeans, shirt, jacket, biggest shoes & hat to save suitcase room.

Clothes for 10 days:

-2 jeans/1 other pant (boys brought khakis)

-8 underwear/8 socks/2 bras

-1 sleepwear

-2 pairs of shoes – 1 tennis – 1 hiking (I snuck cute flats too)

-Optional shorts (Son was glad he had his)

-6 shirts – 1 t-shirt



-1 waterproof jacket



-wash cloth (not necessary)


-soap (not necessary but I like to bring it)


-razor/shaving cream

-hair brush, ties


-chapstick – essential!

-baby wipes – great idea – never used

-ear plugs – optional

-cotton balls – (for windy conditions) never used

-sunscreen – yes!

-ear phones

-chargers (don’t forget electric converters)

-small travel pillows (loved ours for plane, car & B&Bs)

-Tide white stick (used once)

-Woolite for sink wash

-Not necessary – hair dryer – in all locales

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The four of us had travel pillows which flipped & zipped into a cylinder as well for luggage outer pouch packing.

Final packing tips. Be sure you know how much trunk room you have. I googled the type of car we were renting and checked out pictures. Plan to purchase a checkable bag while abroad for souvenirs or stuffing your dirty clothes to make room for fragile items. I also shipped back vases and pitchers.


Four Briggs & Riley carry-on bags were used for a 10-day trip to Ireland. We picked up the brown extra bag and stuffed it with souvenirs. 

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Travel tip bonus – we purchased the No-Jet Lag homeopathic pill. It has tons of great Amazon reviews and we think it made a big difference traveling to Ireland.

Next up, digging into the mechanics of driving! See what I did there.


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