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Kind readers and subscribers, day after day it irks me I’m not spending enough time on my most favorite blog, NanceSense. However, I want to share a little secret with you. I’m a contributing writer for six other blogs! This is a universal problem for writers everywhere I’m sure. I just want to reveal this little nugget and share these other blog sites in case you want to go by and visit them.

Forest Home Media is the integrated marketing company started in 2012 in partnership with long-time advertising exec Dana Tucker. Dana had loved our slice of heaven neighborhood, Forest Home Farms, and moved near us awhile back. It was her brainchild to partner with me, busy in my own world of McNulty Communications. So merge we did and formed this company which has now ushered clients through a HGTV photo shoot, the launching of the nation’s only Southern Living Idea House and just this week, a ground breaking for Operation FINALLY HOME for a decorated veteran in beautiful Kings’ Chapel community in Arrington, TN where I also chronicled a visit from the crew of TLC’s “Say Yes To The Dress” filming a bride in the historic onsite chapel. Check out my most recent blog on PR partnering on Southern Living project & our Facebook for links on editorials coordinated for today’s Tennessean. Busy, fun times for Forest Home Media.

Benchmark Realty is growing by leaps and bounds due to the innovative leadership of its founder/CEO Phillip Cantrell. This blog highlights the progressive commission structure and freedom to do business as you desire as long as it is done so morally, ethically and legal. We love working with this company positioned to be the number one real estate company in 2014. Check it out here.

Castle Homes is one of the top builders in the Nashville market. I began working on special projects for them post 2006 Parade of Homes when they became standout builders in my eye. In 2011, I worked with founder/president Alan Looney helping him launch the Southern Living Showcase Home in Brentwood which earned him Southern Living’s 2012 Custom Home Builder of the Year. Visit their blog to find out their latest work on the nation’s only Southern Living Idea House at Fontanel in Nashville.

Getting to hang out with one of my media heroes, Southern Living Editor Lindsay Bierman,  helping usher him through his first live interview was a great day at the office!

Getting to hang out with one of my media heroes, Southern Living Editor Lindsay Bierman, and helping usher him through his first live TV interview was a great day at the office! (photo by Nancy McNulty)

Kings’ Chapel is a beautiful gated community in Arrington, TN. Hosts of the 2012 Parade of Homes, the community developers have committed to being land sponsors for the Operation FINALLY HOME build by Carbine & Associates for a decorated war veteran. I’ve been privileged to promote a variety of home tours for some very worthy causes. This one is particularly special to me because a mortgage-free home is being built for an Iraq/Afghanistan veteran.  Check out the video of the groundbreaking here.

Started before sunrise coordinating Fox 17 live reports from the ground breaking of Kings' Chapel.

Started before sunrise coordinating Fox 17 live reports from the ground breaking of Kings’ Chapel with reps from Operation FINALLY HOME, Kings’ Chapel community & Carbine & Assoc.

Students Taking A Right Stand (STARS) is nationally recognized and evidenced-based resource for student assistance, training and professional consultation. STARS assists students, families and schools with prevention, intervention and treatment services addressing bullying, substance abuse, violence, and social and emotional barriers to success. From helping them promote the upcoming Chair-ish The Night With Vince Gill & Friends to editorials in this Sunday’s Tennessean on Bullying Prevention Month, this organization is helping Middle Tennessee youth on a daily basis.

Predators' player Colin Wilson's STARS column on bullying is in today's Tennessean. (photo by Nancy McNulty, Forest Home Media)

Predators’ player Colin Wilson’s STARS column on bullying is in today’s Tennessean. (photo by Nancy McNulty, Forest Home Media)

Hughes-Edwards Builders is another top Nashville area business. FHM partner Dana Tucker spearheads their marketing. Recently earning the Tennessean’s Toast of Music City Top Builder honors, Dana has worked to re-launch their website here. FHM has actually just helped relaunch Benchmark, Kings’ Chapel and Hughes-Edwards websites – a daunting and rewarding task.

Hughes-Edwards Builders were featured in the 2012 issue of HGTV magazine.

Hughes-Edwards Builders were featured in the 2012 issue of HGTV magazine.

I’ve listed these in no particular order and love working with all of these companies and my Forest Home Media partner. The one thing they have in common is excellence in what they do on a very principled foundation.  Feeling pretty blessed getting to write for these folks but I could use a little more NanceSense in my life so stay tuned!

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Easy Recipe For Dog Skunk Smell Bath – Skunk-a-palooza 2013!

Okay children, apparently a night of fun always has a consequence.

On a mild summer day, the opportunity to go to my FIRST ever CMA Fest night in Nashville, Tennessee presented itself. So thrilled when friend Sarah Solsvig saw my Facebook plea for a ticket for my son and offered. Son already taken care of, “well, I’ll take those tickets please!” So, off I went with my cute date, Tennessean columnist and blogger Angela Fox.

Having lived in and around Nashville for decades, it was time to see what all the fuss was about and support this huge festival of fun. We found a great night of music with Keith Urban, Kelly Clarkson, Florida Georgia Line, Lenny Kravitz!, Dierks Bentley and the cast of Duck Dynasty. With hubbs working for the town’s top adult contemporary station and telling me repeatedly no one listens to country music – ha! –  it figures this was my first time and I loved it. Living in Music City rocks!

Arriving home at 1:45 in the morning, our sweet beagle, Bailey (Princess Bailey Matilda to us commoners) woke up on our screen porch and hit the yard. Immediately, she trapped a skunk under the porch luckily using her bark instead of teeth to engage the scared skunk.

Hubbs gone and home alone I was shocked when I called our local Sheriff’s Department for advice and reached the dispatcher with an English accent. Well, this is going to work out just fine,  I think to my totally panicked self. They are my people!

“Sorry love, you’re out of luck. We don’t do wildlife.”  What?! Branson or Lord Grantham would have never said this to Lady Mary. So hours, seriously hours later, a thunderstorm broke up the party leaving me with a tragically stinky beagle. I took to Google and ultimately The Facebook for expert advice on this skunk-a-palooza I was living through.

If you are old enough to have seen a Partridge Family episode (or rerun) of the family singing from an operating room after being sprayed by a skunk, you’ll understand why many a person recommended a tomato juice bath.

Screen shot 2013-07-03 at 8.33.02 AM

A tomato juice bath didn’t solve the problems of the stinky Patridge family and it wouldn’t work for Princess Bailey Matilda either.

Ultimately, this only masks the smell and doesn’t take care of the actual problem. So here are my tips, and, if you have pulled up this blog for help, be sure you treat as quickly as possible. Check immediately for any scratches or wounds which need to be addressed by your vet.

Here is the formula used for her bath which is credited to Paul Krebaum as the developer of the antidote!  Find a good outdoor spot and get to it.


-Rubber Gloves, long sleeve clothes for yourself. You don’t want this to get on your skin.

-Puralube dog eye drops or mineral oil appropriate for eye use.

-1 quart hydrogen peroxide

-1/4 cup baking soda

-1 to 2 teaspoons of liquid soap

  1. Find a good outdoor area and dress in old, long sleeve shirt/pants and rubber gloves. If you have a teenage boy on hand, force him to help you.
  2. Mix formula in a plastic bucket.
  3. Coat dog’s eyes with drops as a preventive measure in case of splashes. This worked well for us.
  4. Apply mixture to your dog using your hand or disposable wash clothe or sponge. You do not wet your dog beforehand. Be careful to stay away from eyes and sensitive areas. Massage into the dog’s coat.
  5. Allow the formula to work for five minutes while carefully restraining your dog from licking. Then rinse with warm water.

We were able to do only one application. You’ll need to reapply on bigger dogs and be sure you keep the solution in an open bucket and dispose immediately. Have treats handy for your dog and perhaps a grande class of wine for yourself. It’s very traumatic for everybody!

Being seriously cute will not protect your pup from being sprayed by a skunk!

Being seriously cute will not protect your pup from being sprayed by a skunk!

Well, now I'm just posting cute pics of Bailey & kiddos.  Can you blame me?

Well, now I’m just posting cute pics of Bailey & kiddos. Can you blame me?

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Great Fathers’ Lessons Are Repeated For Generations

If the measure of the man is how his son treats his wife and family, my father-in-law Jim McNulty was an amazing dad.  Born in the late 1920s in upstate New York, I got to know this charming, funny man for 28 years.

Jim McNulty was born in Schenectady, New York.

Jim McNulty was born in Schenectady, New York.

An only child, before shipping off to the U.S. Air Force, Jim snagged the youngest of 13 children, Mary Ann Knapp, from the small Franklin, NY community – like one room school small. And, birth order definitely played a role in the give and take of this beautiful marriage.

By the time I met him, Jim had moved his family to Sarasota, Florida to escape the snowy northern winters and their third child, Mark, headed to a small Baptist Chattanooga college, sight unseen, to pursue a communications degree. This lead him to later becoming former Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexander’s radio spokesman and to me, a younger girl with her own recently earned communications degree from the University of Tennessee.

Mark and I dated and were married a little over a year after we met. After my seriously Southern mother met Mark’s parents she declared to me “ well, you are marrying a boy  from quite a different background than ours. (That’s Southern code for Yankee.)” She concluded, “his parents long-term marriage, being a person of faith and a Republican are what really matter and you’ll be just fine.”

Well, mother did know best and the first two have been the foundation of our marriage. But, an important part of our tapestry is the influence of Jim McNulty as a father and grandfather.

Jim’s own parents moved down to Florida to be near their only child’s family and were a big part of their lives. There is nothing more amazing to me than hearing tales of family vacations taken to Myrtle Beach, North Carolina or back home to New York where a family of six crams into a green Buick sedan and then adds in grandma and grandpa! Can we just stop for a minute and visualize a thirteen-hour trip or more with no air conditioning made possible without the invention of those pesky seat belts? That Mark’s mom didn’t just permanently forget a child at a rest stop is a miracle!

Jim was hard-working father, but, at the end of the day, his priority was getting home as fast as he could to his wife and children, and this is something that is deeply ingrained in his son. Being a present and an active part of our lives has been such a blessing. From trips to the Opryland theme park to putting together swing sets and bunk beds, we have relied so much on Jim and Mary Ann’s love, support and help!

Helping plant a tree at our first home in Franklin, Tennessee.

Jim helping plant a tree at our first home in Franklin, TN.

Reflecting today on the relationship between my husband’s parents and his grandparents, it’s so apparent to me how they repeated this with our children.

In addition to trips with us to Gatlinburg and our visits to theme parks all over Florida, Jim and Mary Ann did something even more precious. Once a year, Mark and I would take a ski or island trip and his parents would brave the cold weather to stay with their grandchildren. Taking off from work to be with them, they imprinted on their grandchildren’s lives in a permanent and amazing way. It fascinates me that to this day, our children give up their comfy rooms to sleep on the floor of their grandparents’ room giggling in the dark to silly stories of grandpa’s adventures or grandma’s life on the farm.

This will be the first Father’s Day without this loving, kind man who passed away this week – days before his 85th birthday. The minister at his funeral on Wednesday said the average man lives to be 77 and anything past that is living on borrowed time. I prefer to say bonus time and Jim used his bonus time well.  I think that is why many tears were shared over his leaving but so many laughs as well.

From bowling into his 70s and playing card games to faithfully watching the Price Is Right and Wheel of Fortune with his grandkids, he was so active. He probably didn’t realize that his grandson considered him one of his best friends talking for hours on end about sports.

Grandpa has passed on an example of love, loyalty, respect of his wife, support of his children and a deep and unabashed faith. Jim was a man who never traveled without his Bible and always brought a suit for Sunday church with us.

There are so many lessons to be learned from the life of a great man and my children are blessed to have two awesome grandfathers and a dad teaching them these values.

Be present and know the true hearts of your children and grandchildren for that’s where you will leave your most tangible legacy. Find out what they are really doing and what they value and then be that unyielding force of goodness in their lives. It’s a lesson that will be repeated for generations and I can’t wait to see the man our son is becoming thanks in big part to his grandpa from Florida.


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Celebrating Mothers

Over the past decade, the week between May 5 and Mother’s Day has taken on a strange corridor of time for me.

As a fan of and lover of all birthdays for kiddos, friends, family and me, it was a tough day when my mother died on my birthday, May 5 in 2002. It’s the absolute definition of bittersweet birthday. Has anyone else experienced this?

When you visit my mother’s grave, to her left, her mom died on the year of my birth and now my mother’s marker bears the day of the birth of her only daughter, me. Absolutely what she would never imagine possible, I’ll never forget when her best friend was battling cancer during Christmas. Mother knew emphatically her sweet friend would hold on to spare her family the additional pain and she did.

If you’ve never met a steel magnolia, I hope you have the chance some day. My mother was the embodiment of this affectionate term made popular by author Robert Harling. To me, this kind of woman has the beauty and grace of the magnolia flower but by goodness don’t mess with her babies or she will cut you or take you out.

Strong, graceful and funny, my mother was an intriguing steel magnolia to me.

Strong, graceful and funny, my mother was an intriguing steel magnolia to me.

And so, on Mother’s Day 2013, as tribute to my steel maganolia, let me share some of her definite truths of life.

Have faith but for goodness sake don’t parade it around.

My mother never believed in being a Pharisee parading around your good works for all to see. She spoke in casserole and quietly did so much for so many but she’d never needed a day or statue in her honor. Through her good acts, she passed along the lesson of looking for an opportunity to serve others quitely.

Embrace and celebrate our differences.

Growing up in the 70s and 80s, this was a solid breath of reason for me and is still today as I see people tearing apart others for differences as small as school and political party choice and as importance as skin color, race, religion and sexual orientation. It may sound ridiculous but we were never allowed to consider have a Confederate Flag in our home for the pain it represented for others. Growing up in a small southern town, we did not have many people of Jewish heritage or Asian birth. My mother was annoyed one day trying to reach a Japanese family by phone and asked this lady “why on earth is your phone unlisted,” an exotic concept for 1977. She was floored and disgusted that it was due to anonymous phone calls of hate and quickly passed this lesson on.

Greatest gesture of affection is how you treat my children.

I think mothers around the world feel this into the depths of their bones. One of the greatest gestures of affection for a woman is how you treat her children. On a day when the town was celebrating a magnamious moment of my dad’s generosity, my mother turned to me and said “I’d much prefer he do something for my children.” This doesn’t diminish the importance of the moment for my father but made me understand the simplicity of a mother’s love. 

Showing my babies some love is all I need.

Showing my babies some love is all I need.

Now in her 20s, just had to throw in a baby pic of my little ginger girl.

Now in her 20s, just had to throw in a baby pic of my little ginger girl.

Celebrate those mothers in your life – the ones who’ve given you life or raised you up. And, celebrate those mothers out there that continue to nurture you as friends younger and older than you, because, at the end of the day, we all need a little good mothering.


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Using Pinterest For Bedroom Renovation

Faced with a second knee surgery in seven months, my Forest Home Media partner took pity on me and decided to help me renovate our master bedroom using Pinterest to add a little style and flair to my recovery.

Forest Home Media is an integrated marketing firm started in 2012 by me and advertising/website expert Dana Tucker and we specializing in home-related business marketing. Check us out here.

Tucker has proven to be a partner of many talents including on-line shopping. Pinterest has really fed this talent of hers and I’ve been the happy recipient of this recently.

Good grief, I’ve got no before pics but let’s just say after clearing out a cabinet filled with 45 books and a 400 pound TV perched on top, it could only get better immediately. Tucker moved our bed to a different wall and began her pinning magic. Check out the “Nancy” board here. is my new favorite site. With great prices and free delivery, I’ve gotten the bed cover, draperies, pillows, and nail rivet uber cute chairs all delivered to my door – yes, thank you Dana!  Here is an after shot.

In the far corner, the screen door has an ocean mural which inspired the design of the master bedroom.

The wall color was kept the same. The red cushion in the window will be the last change – painting the cushion!

The entire room theme was inspired by my love of the ocean. I’ve captured this passion in a screen door which has a mural of the ocean behind painted by area artist Janet Laws which you see in the above pic as well.

Also important to the renovation has been adding a flat screen television (hiding the cords thanks to Dana instructing the Best Buy geek squad) and the retro dresser Dana found on Craigslist.

DSC_0300Our friend blogger Kristie Barnett, The Decorologist, held a special shopping day at the Nashville area HomeGoods store recently. Busy hosting a Broadway benefit for the Bethlehem Players, Dana played personal shopper for me finding a pretty mirrored tray and lamps with great grasscloth drum shades seen above. Be sure and check out her blog – it’s informative, inspirational and a must-read for us.

The bed was looking pretty dreamy with the pillows Dana picked up again at the Home Good store. She and I recently attended the second anniversary/expansion celebration for popular York & Friends Fine Art Gallery and Dana spotted this PER-FECT painting by artist Jade Reynolds – the final wonderful touch.

DSC_0302I wanted to also share the new light fixture found at West Elm. It looks so much prettier in person – I’m totally loving the mercury glass fixture. Our homestead is lovingly called Blackberry Hollow and located outside of Nashville in the countryside. Things are looking a whole lot more up-to-date thanks to this super fun Pinterest project!

Loving my dreamy West Elm mercury glass fixture. Wondering where that amazing Nashville street scape came from? York & Friends artist Beth Affolter.

Loving my dreamy West Elm mercury glass fixture. Wondering where that amazing Nashville street scape came from? York & Friends artist Beth Affolter.


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Talented Community Theater Harlem Shakes Barefooting

Right outside of Nashville, TN is a community theater outreach program of Bethlehem United Methodist Church. Does this immediately invoke thoughts of “Godspell” and “Jesus Christ Superstar?”  Well, put away those cliched thoughts as this multi-talented troop takes on in their 16th year of community theater excellence Neil Simon’s rom com “Barefoot In The Park” and produces their own Harlem Shake marketing video.

Under the artistic direction of a Nashville theater community favorite, Dietz Osborne, this program has bloomed quite a bit from its humble start in 1997 when Bethlehem UMC Music & Arts Director Harry Robinson started it as his own version of church softball. Since 2005, they’ve staged for packed audiences two world premiere productions, “Southern Fried Funeral” and “Southern Fried Nuptials” as well as classics like “Annie” and “Fiddler On The Roof.” As a result of strategic marketing, tight budgeting, church support and community underwriting, in 2013, they’ve kicked off their season with capital improvements including state-of-the-art lighting and risers paid for by the program which runs in the black.

In addition to reinvesting in their program, the troop tithes to the church and chooses each year a benefiting charity to highlight which complements the production. During “Annie,” it was Happy Tales Humane where an adoptable dog appeared each night on stage.

This year, the troop are staging “Barefoot In The Park” and have chosen WaterStep as their charity to highlight encouraging patrons to bring shoes which are recycled to bring water to communities globally. Here’s a little more info on this project with director Johnny Peppers.

The Bethlehem Players have brought to “Barefoot In The Park” their own special charm to this tale of young love. Nashville area actors Will Butler and Jami Winfrey are joined on stage by three members of the Bethlehem UMC church, Debbie Robinson, Jim Maden and Mark McNulty. (Yes, a talented relation!) Johnny Peppers lends his incredible directing talents and helped make the creative stage a possibility.

This hilarious comedy "Barefoot In The Park" is on stage at Bethlehem UMC through March 16, 2013.

The hilarious comedy “Barefoot In The Park” with actors Jami Winfrey & Will Butler is on stage at Bethlehem UMC through March 16, 2013. (Photo by Chris Bosen)

In the meantime, Nashville theater icons Jennifer Richmond and playwright/actor Nate Eppler challenged the Middle Tennessee area theater companies to produce their own Harlem Shake to use in cross-promotion. The Bethlehem Players put the Barefoot smack down on this international trend.

“Barefoot In The Park” is on stage through March 16 and you can get your tickets online at TicketsNashville or via reservations at 616-669-BPAC (2722). They’ll have auditions coming up for their October production of “Hello, Dolly!” and December’s “It’s A Wonderful Life Radio Show” so find them on Facebook or visit their website for more info. And don’t forget the 10% discount for parties of 10 or more.






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Using A Blog When The Words Are Too Hard To Say

Accepted at Columbia College in Chicago, our daughter decided to tell me at deadline time she was going to stay in-state and going to the University of Tennessee –Chattanooga via a TEXT!! It was such an odd moment realizing our family dynamics were changing in too many ways to count.

Parents are now adapting to receiving breaking news via texts.

Parents are now adapting to receiving breaking news via texts.

Now, fast forward to March 8, 2013.  Today, I can’t say the words out loud so I’m taking to my personal blog to break the news to my Forest Home Media business partner, family and friends that I’m going to have to have a second knee surgery in five months for second torn meniscus in the other knee.

So here’s the deal. It’s NOT cancer or anything else horrible and I acknowledge that loudly, consistently and humbly to myself. But, it’s a new world order for me and I’m struggling to adapt.

Like a lot of folks, there are some things you work hard at doing differently than your parents – no matter how great they are/were. My mother struggled for years with issues she never truly defined for me. She was in pain. She was miserable. And there were two people that felt her unacknowledged pain acutely, me and in much bigger ways, my father.

So, I took a vow. I would stay active and I would keep up the tennis that pleasantly obsessed me since I was 11 years old. Of late, for at least three times a week during season, I took to the courts with my best friends for a sport that tested my mind, body and determination. Honestly, I was always so very grateful to be there. Always.

Spending 38 years on the tennis courts and the last decade w/ these ladies has been pure happiness.

Spending 38 years on the tennis courts and the last decade w/ these ladies has been pure happiness.

Amazing people on and off the courts, glad to call these girls friends.

Amazing people on and off the courts, glad to call these girls friends.

The Thursday after 9/11, I remember being remarkably pissed playing privilege women who acted redunkculous and without any gratefulness. And, I actually pointed this out at one point. “Really, it’s a beautiful day, we are alive and blessed so act like it.” That’s a conversation and snottiness stopper – fyi.

It was my goal to be in my 80s playing tennis and genetics have redefined that for me. I tried to quickly blame my cutie pie doc for this new development. He carefully suggested genetics might have played a larger role.

Cutie pie doc's skeptical look when I  offering him medical opinions. I do watch Grey's Anatomy thank you very much.

Cutie pie doc’s skeptical look when I offer him medical opinions. I do watch Grey’s Anatomy thank you very much.

So, it’s a new world order for me. I’ve asked my doc to help me find a new sport but he says “you’ll be playing tennis one day soon.” Is he scared to tell Crazy the truth or does he really mean it? It remains to be seen. And now I face another somewhat minor surgery that’s changing the deep place of happiness for me. I’ll figure it out but it hurts and frustrates me. I’ll find humor in my humility. And by gosh, I’m going to figure out how to kick some a#% with Words With Friends while getting that endorphin rush. You just wait and see.

*Note, cutie pie doc is in a very warm weather place – with my curses and best wishes for safe travels. Post daughter’s March 26 birthday, I’ll be back under the laser and anyone I’ve taken dinner to – from boob jobs to birth of babies – I’ll be expecting some dinners for my hubbie so get movin’. Loratab and Lean Cuisine just doesn’t cut it.

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Clever Video Highlights Nashville Art Gallery Expansion

The hardest working man in the Nashville art scene is coming up on the second anniversary of his charming west Nashville gallery by announcing an expansion with a clever video. Nashville art entrepreneur/artist Ron York is celebrating the second anniversary of York & Friends Fine Art Gallery with a March 9 art benefit where visitors get a look at the expansion which includes Chandelierious Artful Furnishings.

Talented artist/gallery owner Ron York is inviting the community over for a free art benefit on Saturday, March 9 at his newly expanded gallery in Belle Meade.

Talented artist/gallery owner Ron York invites the community over for a free art benefit on Saturday, March 9 at his newly expanded gallery in Belle Meade.

The celebration, free to the public, will benefit, through a percentage of sales that day, the Grammy-nominated ALIAS Chamber Ensemble, an all-volunteer ensemble which donates 100% of its concert proceeds to area nonprofit organizations.

Chandelierious Artful Furnishings is a joint venture of nationally known Nashville artist, Jann Harrison, featuring her whimsical, one-of-a-kind repurposed hand-painted furnishings.  Local artisan, Jerry Lawson, will be complementing Harrison with fabulous vintage chandeliers seen throughout the area from the Governor’s Residence to local homes and businesses.

In addition to blogging for NanceSense, I’m a partner in an integrated marketing firm, Forest Home Media.  Working to highlight York’s expansion, FHM produced  a fun “Coming Soon Expansion” video promo.

The video was produced using a full HD, Panasonic HDC-TM900 camera and edited in iMovie on a MacBookPro. iMovie offers fifteen different movie trailer promo packages and we chose documentary style.

About his expansion, York said, “I’m thrilled to be joined by Jann and Jerry, a terrific addition to the York & Friends Fine Art Gallery. On March 9, from 4 p.m. until 7 p.m., we have an opportunity to thank area art supporters while helping a worthy non-profit organization through a portion of the event’s sales. In addition, a very special performance will take place at 5:30 p.m. by ALIAS Chamber Ensemble. It will be a festive afternoon celebration full of music, art, free wine tasting and amazing food.”

After chronicling the expansion, Forest Home Media then produced a general overview video of York & Friends Fine Art Gallery.

This was produced with a combination of still photography and video taken on-site and packaged again using iMovie.

York & Friends Fine Art Gallery represents 44 artists across the eastern portion of the United including well-established local artists as well as new talent for a fresh, eclectic blend of artwork in an inviting environment of approachable art with a broad spectrum of styles from impressionistic, contemporary and fresh-whimsical to folk art and plein air. For more info, visit the York & Friends website.


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Broadway Revue Supports Barefoot In The Park

Kicking off their 2013 season with a star-studded Broadway revue and a dessert extravaganza, the Bethlehem Players are holding the 7th annual Broadway at Bethlehem on March 2 to help underwrite their March production of the Neil Simon classic “Barefoot In The Park” with tickets now on sale for both being held at the Performing Arts Center of Bethlehem United Methodist Church off Hillsboro Road in Franklin.

The March 2 Broadway at Bethlehem includes a dessert extravaganza, silent auction and Broadway hits from Wicked and Les Miserables to some of the classics according to one of the evening’s co-hosts Dietz Osborne, also the Bethlehem Players Artistic Director.  Being joined by theater favorite Holly Shepherd, Osborne said the $20 ticket helps underwrite the March 8-16 production of Neil Simon’s classic “Barefoot In The Park.”

“It’s the hottest ticket in town and we are thrilled to have such an incredible line-up of talented regional singers joining us. The silent auction includes a beautiful array of paintings including noted gallery owner/artist Ron York’s “Opening Night” as well as play tickets and a VIP Predators package,” Osborne said. “A $30 bundle ticket is also available which includes the Broadway benefit and a ticket to “Barefoot In The Park” with a discount.”


Popular artist and gallery owner Ron York is lending his talents to the silent auction with this whimsical 24×36 framed painting.

The Bethlehem Players are unveiling their new state-of-the-art lighting system paid for through previous productions and new riser theater seating. Osborne said another delicious part of the Broadway at Bethlehem evening is the event signature dessert “Poofla-Poo Pie” created by award-winning, local Pied Piper Creamery.

“Bethlehem has some of the best bakers in the area. The delicious event signature ice cream pie was inspired by the funny line from ‘Barefoot In The Park” uttered by the stressed groom, if our marriage hinges on breathing fish balls and poofla-poo pie its not worth saving. Pied Piper Creamery uses a scrumptious loaded toffee ice cream as the main ingredient,” Osborne said.

Water Step is the benefiting charity this year and patrons are encouraged to donate shoes, tied together if possible, to help this organization use shoe recycling to help fund safe water projects across the world.

“Barefoot In The Park” is a charming romantic comedy about a conservative young lawyer and his irrepressible bride with marital struggles after their honeymoon gives way to the reality of setting up housekeeping in a five-flight walk-up in New York City.


Nashville actors Jami Winfrey and Will Butler star in the Bethlehem Players production of Barefoot In The Park, March 8-16, 2013, Photo by Chris Bosen.

Tickets are now on sale for Broadway at Bethlehem at 615-669-BPAC (2722) or at the church office during weekday business hours. “Barefoot In The Park” tickets are available online at, 615-669-BPAC (2722), Tickets for show-only are $15 for adults and $12 for high school students and younger and are available for all shows.  Dinner show tickets are $22 for adults and $18 for high students and younger. Directions at  Group discounts of 10% are available for parties of 10 or more paying with one check.

Poster Idea FIle

The Bethlehem Players are celebrating their 16th year of exceptional family entertainment staging productions in the Bethlehem Performing Arts Center, Bethlehem United Methodist Church, 2419 Bethlehem Loop Road, Franklin, TN (37069).  In 2013, the Bethlehem Players will also be staging in October the musical “Hello, Dolly!” and in December the radio show version of “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Stay tune for dates and open audition times.

The community theatre outreach program was founded in 1997 by Bethlehem UMC Music and Arts Director Harry Robinson, and, since its inception, the Bethlehem Players have successfully staged for packed audiences a spectrum of shows from “Annie” to “Steel Magnolias” as well as two world premiere productions, “Southern Fried Funeral” and “Southern Fried Nuptials.”

“Barefoot In The Park” Poofla-Poo Pie, recipe created by Pied Piper Creamery

One of the famous lines of the stressed groom has inspired this year’s signature Broadway at Bethlehem dessert. “If our marriage hinges on breathing fish balls and poofla-poo pie its not worth saving.”  Renown artisan ice cream maker, Jenny Piper, owner of the Pied Piper Creameries, created Barefoot In The Park “Poofla-Poo Pie” in honor of the Bethlehem Players production. Here’s the recipe:

Ingredients: chocolate pie crust, Pied Piper Toffee Loaded Coffee ice cream, 1/2 cup heavy cream whipped, 3 ½ oz dark chocolate, ¼ tsp of anise, 1 T unsalted butter, softened, 2 T of honey, 3 T toasted sesame seeds

Prepare dark chocolate anise ganache: Finely chop dark chocolate & put aside 1 T. Place reminder in heatproof bowl. Bring cream to a boil in a saucepan over medium-high heat, then pour over chocolate and add anise. Let stand 2 min. Whisk in softened butter. Cool slightly, stirring often, then use immediately.


Take a chocolate pie crust, spread layer of Pied Piper Toffee Loaded Coffee ice cream, cover with thin layer of dark chocolate anise ganache, layer of whipped dream, drizzle with honey, additional chocolate and lightly sprinkle with toasted sesame seed. Return to freezer.


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New York Food, Oh How We Love You!

We covered a lot of ground this year on our annual mother/daughter trek to New York City. From Broadway shows to Greenwich Village for a free comedy night, let’s talk about food first…yes, please.

There are some restaurants we just have to visit every time like Avra in Midtown or one of Dos Caminos four locations. Let’s begin first by taking a look at the relatively new Broadway eatery E & E Grill House at 233 West 49th Street across the street from the Eugene O’Neill Theatre where “Book of Mormon” is currently the reigning Broadway darling. (Stay tuned for my post on playing the BOM lottery.)

Always happy for a new dining experience, we were guided to the E & E after buying tickets at the box for the play “The Heiress” and found a great 10% off coupon envelope. We were greeted by a super friendly maitre’d, Jessica, and originally thought drinks before the show in the bar. After perusing the American/Contemporary food menu, I quickly decided to try the pan-seared diver scallops on a bed of corn, bacon, jalapeno summer truffle.

diver scallops, NYC food

Super yummo but glad I had a coupon for the dinner. SO worth it!

My dining companion, Margaret, enjoyed the flavorful chopped salad including candied bacon with a buttermilk dressing, $10.

Roaring 40s Blue Cheese on the chopped salad was the perfect touch!

Although the bartender/beverage manager “Tom” was a bit reserved on our first trip, we easily broke him down with our southern charm and met one of the regulars, Jason Sands, a long-time cast member of the musical “Chicago.” Heading to NYC? Go see his show!

Completely adorable, “Chicago” cast member Jason Sands treated college theater student Maggie warmly issuing great advice, “save up your money “before heading to the Big Apple!

We also met the new partner/GM and found all the staff to be friendly, helpful and informative. The back of the restaurant had a dreamier decor complete with a fireplace. With clean bathrooms, did I mention we sat at the cozy banquette frequented by Academy Award nominated David Strathairn, now appearing in “The Heiress”? We visited E & E a second time while playing the Book of Mormon lottery for tickets and had THE best Irish Coffee while a friend enjoyed the Peekytoe Crab Fritters with a good Thai-basil chili sauce, $12.

A work of art and perfect on a cold January night , try E & E Grill’s Irish Coffee.

Famous for their delicious cuts of steak as well, put this restaurant down on your must visit list. With entrees from $22 – $56, it should be a special evening at the eatery which is currently #228 out of 7,953 NY restaurants on TripAdvisor. Due to its primo location, get reservations if enjoying dinner before or after a show. Up next, a visit to Avra in Midtown.

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